Pro-Trump mob storms U.S Capitol, clashes with police

Washington: A person was shot dead on Wednesday inside the U.S Capitol amid chaotic scenes in Washington as supporters of President Donald Trump entered the building in anger over his election defeat.

Unverified videos appear to show a woman who was part of the protests on the floor inside the Capitol and bleeding after gunfire erupted momentarily.

"One shooting victim was transported from the Capitol," a person attached to an emergency response unit told 'AFP', adding that there were 'other injuries' in the chaotic protests and that the situation remained fluid.

'The Washington Post' reported that police said the victim was a white female shot in the shoulder.

Protesters supporting Donald Trump swarmed the U.S Capitol, putting it on lockdown, as Vice President Mike Pence rebuffed the president's demand to overturn his loss to Democrat Joe Biden and the Senate's Republican leader denounced a bid in Congress to undo the election outcome.

Trump supporters overturned barricades and clashed with police on the U.S Capitol grounds and streamed inside the building. The demonstrations flared as lawmakers met inside to formally certify Biden's victory over Trump in the November 3 election.

Law enforcement authorities struggled to maintain order.

The Senate and the House of Representatives, which were weighing objections to Biden's victory brought by a band of pro-Trump Republican lawmakers, abruptly and unexpectedly recessed.

Pence, a loyal lieutenant during the four years of Trump's tumultuous presidency, presided over the opening of the joint session of Congress to formally certify Biden's November 3 victory over Trump. A band of Republican lawmakers quickly challenged the results, first from the election battleground state of Arizona won by Biden.
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