Qatar lists 40 low-risk countries for safe travel amid coronavirus outbreak

Doha: Qatar on Thursday announced a list of 40 low-risk countries to travel amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Health Ministry designated the list as part of a plan to gradually lift restrictions on travel, which would be implemented as of August 1.

"The list was determined based on public health indicators in Qatar and the rest of the world," the ministry said.

The list of countries includes: Turkey, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Malta, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ireland, Slovenia, Belgium, the U.K, Greece, Netherlands, Morocco, Algeria, Canada, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Australia, the Greek Cypriot administration and Andorra.

According to the statement, low-risk countries will be reviewed every two weeks. Asianet Online