Scientists confirm rare deadly 'Chapare virus' in Bolivia

Even as the world is battling with the coronavirus pandemic, which has crippled and infected millions, scientists are still working to identify new threats to humankind.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently discovered a rare virus in Bolivia.

The virus in question is capable of human-to-human transmission, and belong to a family of viruses that can cause haemorrhagic fevers, such as Ebola.

According to the scientists, two patients, in 2019, transmitted the virus to three healthcare workers in Bolivia's de facto capital, La Paz. Two medical workers along with one of the patients later died.

Only one small outbreak of the virus has been previously documented, in the Chapare region 370 miles east of La Paz in 2004.

The virus is believed to be carried by rats, which in turn may have passed it to humans. Viruses spread through bodily fluids are easier to contain than respiratory viruses such as COVID-19. Asianet Online