Trump bans entry of certain groups of Chinese students to U.S

Washington: U.S President Donald Trump has issued a proclamation banning the entry of Chinese students and researchers having ties with the People's Liberation Army to dismantle China's efforts to use graduate students to acquire intellectual property and technology from America.

Trump's announcement came amidst escalating confrontation between the U.S and China over trade, the origins of the novel coronavirus pandemic, Beijing's security crackdown in Hong Kong and the communist giant's aggressive military moves in the disputed South China Sea.

Issuing the proclamation, Trump said China is engaged in a wide-ranging and heavily resourced campaign to acquire sensitive US technologies and intellectual property to modernise its massive military -- the People's Liberation Army (PLA).

This action of China is a threat to the U.S' long-term economic vitality and the safety and security of the American people, he said.

Trump alleged that China uses some Chinese students, mostly postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers, to operate as non-traditional collectors of intellectual property. Therefore, Chinese postgraduate students or researchers who are or have been associated with the PLA are at high risk of being exploited or co-opted by the Chinese authorities and provide particular cause for concern. Desk: Asianet Online