U.K to close all travel corridors to keep out new COVID-19 strains

London: U.K Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the country is temporarily closing all travel corridors from Monday in order to 'protect against the risk' of new variants of Covid-19 into the country.

'CNN' quoted Boris Johnson as saying at a press meet that the only way to get into the country from overseas is by having a negative Covid-19 test result.

All passengers must have a recent negative coronavirus test and transfer immediately into isolation upon arrival.

Also, everyone entering the U.K will be required to quarantine for 10 days. He further said that if people fail to comply with the rules then they will face a fine.

"You may also be checked when you land and face substantial fines for refusing to comply, and upon arrival, you must then quarantine for 10 days, not leaving your home for any reason at all. Or take another test on day five and wait for proof of another negative result and we will be stepping up our enforcement, both at the border and in the country," he added.



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